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Once upon a time there wase a beautiful princess, who lived on another planet up in the sky and very far away from here.

Her greatest dream was to travel to visit the Blue Planet – Eart

This electronic book, Lucia And The Blue Planet, is a magical retelling by her mother Marina of the life of Lucia. Lucia was born very profoundly disabled with a peroxisomal disorder. She was given only months to live.

Instead, she lived for ten years (1997 – 2007).

Towards the end of her life arrangements were made to allow her to attend L’Estel special needs school in Balaguer, in Lleida province, in the Catalan region of Spain.

A teacher from that school, Maribel Pérez, has provided beautiful illustrations which add enormously to the book’s impact.

It has now been translated into Dutch, English, Spanish, Catalan and German.

We are distributing it online in an effort to raise funds for L’Estel school.